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What My Sister Did: Surviving Incest

July 25, 2014 • By

Surviving incest

What she did was wrong. It took Nathan C. Daniels years to learn this, and overcome the shame of being her victim.

Editor’s Note: This article contains descriptions of child sexual abuse.

I was six years old when my sister started molesting me. I trusted and loved her, but she chose to betray that trust by manipulating my innocence. My big sister, who was seven years my senior chose to deform that love in the most vile way. Sometimes, she would lure me into her bedroom with tricks, bribes, or threats. Other times, she might corner me in the basement with brute force and cold eyes. Her hands or mouth would find me and do things I couldn’t understand. Eventually, I had to do things to her too. The acts could last a second, like a passing grope in the hallway, or a lifetime on the abrasive carpet in the basement. This secret would endure a year, sowing seeds that would blossom into decades of suffering.   Read the rest of the story.

Excerpted from:  Surviving the Fourth Cycle

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