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When Family Does Wrong

There is no stronger bond than that of family, right?  I mean family is always there for you no matter what.  Well that is how it should be but not how it is which is why we see our courts back logged with cases of family member suing family member over a loan, fraud, greed or some other evil deed.  Were you the victim of sabotage?  Did a family member mistreat your special needs child, or baby or other children?  Were you the victim of vicious lies?  Was your property destroyed, hijacked, or do did a family member impose on your or manipulate a particular situation to go their way?

We see too many horrible incidents of violence, deception, theft, rape, murder and more.  When Family Does You Wrong.com was created for victims and survivors who want to share their stories of family member wrongdoing.  Writing is cathartic and may be the only semblance of justice many will get.  As with most families, airing dirty laundry is frowned upon and discouraged.  So many will suffer, bound in a chain of silence and never do anything about the wrong or evil done to them.  Even when telling their story, sometimes others are unsympathetic, tired of hearing about it or simply don’t care.  You don’t feel anyone cares or understands the gravity of what your family member did to you?  You have a voice here at When Family Does You Wrong.com.  To submit your story, see our Your Stories page.