Severing Ties or Severely Limiting Contact, Unresolved

Don’t Play Favorites

August 2, 2012 • By

Older asian womanMy mom has always played favorites with me and my siblings.  I wish it were not so but it is what it is.  My older sister and brother could do n0 wrong.  Maybe because she was married to their father and I was a product of an affair mom had.   My father was married and when their relationship didn’t work out (he didn’t marry her) mom took out her frustration on me.

I was young, but I still remember being shut out and not being allowed to go places like my sibs and there was just no patience when dealing with me.  I grew up with a complex and insecure.  I still feel the sting of her insults and gave up on being ever treated like a human.

I know that I am the one they will call should my mother become ill because they will expect me to care for her.  Maybe if and when that time comes, I’ll be ready to help, but the way I feel now, I could not do it.  I am harboring too much bitterness in my heart.

I decided when I was younger saying that I would never treat my children the way my mom treated me.  It was not right and unfair.  My father was wrong in having the affair with mom, but he and his family (my other sibs) reached out to me recently.  They are the kindest people.  I wish I had grown up with this family.  For the sake of peace, I don’t bring up any childhood issues to them.  It is just nice to be loved and accepted for who you are.