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I Just Want My Babies

July 19, 2012 • By

Lonely womanMy name is Terrina Williams.  When I was 15, I became pregnant.  My mom was so angry when she found out at 4 weeks.  The father was a guy at school who was clueless about life.  His parents wanted me to get an abortion and be done with it.  My mother agreed with them and dragged me off to the clinic to have it done.  I begged her not to make me do it, but to no avail.  I went into that cold place with those cold people.  Nobody cared that I was crying.  I was told to get undressed and given a gown.  Mom turned on me and didn’t care that I was scared.  She just told me to take my lumps and pay for trying to ruin her life.  Ruin her life? I would not understand that comment until much later.  I endured a painful procedure and was told to get up and get dressed as if nothing had happened.  They had just killed my baby.

I couldn’t sleep and I had nightmares.  I could not talk to mom about anything which is why I went right back into the father’s arms.  In a few months, I was pregnant again.  I told my mom who proceeded to slap me near senseless.  I got a speech about how much she gave up to raise me alone and I was not doing this to her again.  I was dumbfounded and told my mom that she could not make me get another abortion.  She told me that I was getting one and that was all there was to it.  She made the appointment and I went quietly.  When we went inside the clinic this time, I cooperated until I saw the same cold doctor who killed my first baby.  I screamed and made such a scene that he ordered me out of the room and the clinic.  I was happy and relieved, but my mom had a plan for me.  Later that evening, my mom told me that I was going to stay with some people who could help me.  I didn’t know who, it didn’t make sense but I thought she had relented and accepted that I was going to have a baby.  I wanted my baby so I was happy to go anywhere.  I spent the next few months at home, but one day I had a plane ticket to Salt Lake City, Utah, waiting for me.  I had to leave school, pack some clothes and get on that plane.

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