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                                                                      When Family Does You Wrong by Lorraine Spencer

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How many of us have been hurt by a family member?  What did you do about it?  Examine the stories of seven individuals who suffered wrongdoing at the hands of a family member. You may be able to empathize, and understand or be horrified at the thought of what evil human beings, let along family members can do to one another.  The question becomes whether you forgive and move on, or not.  If a family member has ever harmed you, you will know exactly what it means when family does you wrong.

When Family Does You Wrong is a great read for those who want to reflect upon a time when perhaps there was wrongdoing by a member of the family.  One will be able to compare stories, resolutions and in some cases unresolved differences.

Inside these pages you’ll read:

  • About dashed dreams and financial devastation and ruin
  • About an abusive husband and father’s tyranny
  • About a racist family’s control and manipulation, the resolve to leave them behind
  • About unspeakable child torture and triumph
  • About loss of life and the saga of two pregnancies
  • About the abuse of a child and planted seeds of evil
  • About sibling rivalry that split a family, happiness

Release date July 5, 2014.

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