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Break the Chains of Silence, Shame, Hurt and Anger!

Break the Chains of Silence

Not all family members take wrongdoing lightly. Indeed, some do take action. I am not an advocate of revenge, however I am an advocate of justice, especially when innocent people get hurt. In the case of a reported crime, the state charges on behalf of “the people” and the victim doesn’t have to file a charge though an initial complaint must be filed. You may find some valuable links on the Resources and Links Page.

I invite you to share your true story of when a family member has done you or another loved one wrong. No story is too horrible. I ask that you refrain from profanity and obscene language (in your story and comments as outlined in WFDYW Terms, Conditions, Rules and Considerations).

Break the Chain of Silence, Shame, Hurt and Anger. Submit your story to whenfamilydoesyouwrong at gmail dot com

Detail the following:

  1. What happened? (Please limit post to about 2000 words or less)
  2. How did you (or loved one) react? (shock, disbelief, horror)
  3. What were the consequences? (i.e. I was left with a permanent scar, my credit was ruined, no one will ever trust me again, etc.).
  4. What did/will you do about it? (i.e. Nothing, I called the police, sued, tried to forget, confronted my wrongdoer, kept it a secret or didn’t talk about it, etc.).
  5. Are you (or will you be) able to forgive, heal and move on with your life?

Once reviewed and approved, your story will be posted shortly thereafter. The comment section is for comments only.